Volunteer Screening Policy..

Whether you are a Parent or a Volunteer, it is important that you read this document which starts out as follows:  "In order to ensure that all Scouts Canada youth members continue to benefit from a safe and healthy environment in which to explore Scouting programs, the Board of Governors recently approved a number of changes to member screening policies. 

These changes were undertaken to address a number of opportunities identified by the external Child and Youth Protection Advisory Committee. In addition, they ensure that all members in a position of trust are aware of Scouts Canada’s Code of Conduct and are knowledgeable of their obligation to plan for and deliver programs in a safe manner."

Scouts Canada’s screening policies and adult registration practices are designed to clearly demonstrate our commitment to keeping our youth members safe from harm at all times. "

The 115th Ottawa (Parkwood Hills) Scouts requires all Parents/Guardians who wish to accompany their children during scouting activities to review and agree to the Code of Conduct.

- CODE OF CONDUCT: a form that a parent must sign to attend any activity, including regular meetings. This form must be signed every year.

- PHYSICAL FITNESS FORM: this is a form that must be completed when any adult is attending an activity away from the regular meeting hall.

- CHILD AND YOUTH SAFETY COURSE: this is a course required for any parent wishing to accompany their child in an overnight scouting activity. This course must be taken only once.

Whether you intend to go to any camp, or not, we encourage all parents to take the Child and Youth Safety course. This way, any parent can help in case we need support.