Registration Process for the 115TH Ottawa (Parkwood Hills) Scouts  

NOTE:  115th Ottawa - COVID-19 Affected Registration     2020 - 2021


This is applicable for current members ONLY.

PARENTS register their youths through MyScouts

Click on Sign Up Register 

(Found in the top left hand corner of your MyScouts account homepage)

Rovers self register and Scouters renew their role through MyScouts   


Sign up for this September for youth who are not youth volunteers is done through the parent's account that was used to create and complete the youth's original registration. Other parents who are connected to the youth's account are unable to complete sign up. The parent who created their child's account and completed registration is called the 'primary parent' in our system. 



Tell me more about FREE Trial

Scouts Canada is excited to welcome more youth to join Scouting and participate in safe and fun adventures this fall. We will accommodate current members first – but anticipate that some families may want to postpone participation until the new Scouting Year in January, for various reasons. 

As a result, given that you have followed the above planning steps, your Group should be able to accommodate new participants that would like to give Scouting a try. We believe that with our play-by-play program templates and our safety measures, youth will be enjoying great, safe outdoor adventures this fall.



How do new participants sign up for Free Trial? 

Scouts Canada will be opening sign-up for our FREE TRIAL after September 15 when all current members have signed-up for fall Scouting. Free Trial spots are dependent on availability — impacted by returning youth and Scouters. Only with this information can we open free trial spots with confidence to new participants.

A Sign-up button will be available on JOIN page after September 15, 2020.


Important Dates

September 15:  deadline for current members to guarantee their spot for fall Scouting (members will be able to sign-up after September 15; however free trial opens on the 16th and those youth may take the available spots) 

September 16: Free Trial will be available, and we will be directing the general public to try Scouting for Free through our Join page on (based on the capacity set in myScouts by GC) 

October 1: Registration for January 2021 opens for current members.  Current members are defined as all participants that paid for Scouting during the 2019-2020 Scouting Year. All current members will have the opportunity to register and guarantee their spot Scouting starting in January of 2021.

October 15: Registration for January 2021 opens for free trial participants. Free trial participants will have 1 week to guarantee a spot with their Group. 


October 23: Registration opens to the general public for Scouting in 2021.

For further information:

PHONE:  613-224-5910                

FAX: 613-224-0114

E-MAIL:                     WEBSITE: