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115th Parkwood Hills Cubs

Fall Camp Provincial Park – September 26-28– Fitzroy
In order to take advantage of the weather, we will be going on our first camp in two weeks’ time. It would be great if all the Cubs could make it to the camp. Fitzroy Park is a beautiful natural area with lots to see and do on our hikes. This camp will give us the chance to work on a number of nature related badges!

We need to have the information below by the second meeting, Sept 25, either on paper or electronically.

Departure: At this point we are planning to depart at 6:00 pm from Parkwood Hills School parking lot.
Return: Cubs will be returned to their homes Sunday afternoon around 3 pm.
Adults: Parents are welcome to come along and help. (Parents will have to pay as well.)
Packing: A personal equipment list is attached. We need to be prepared for whatever weather might come along. We will be going in any weather, and it can change in a few hours. Please pack things compactly – many loose items make transport difficult.
Gear: The group has tents and kitchen gear, but family tents can also be used.
Transport: We will be going down by car. Drivers may be needed (please indicate if you can help).

Return the portion below with $45 payable to “Elaine Ashfield”.

---------------------------------- --------------------- -------------------------------- --------------------------
Fall Camp – Fitzroy Provincial Park – September 26-28
Cub’s Name: ________________________________________________________
Will attend the fall camp at Fitzroy Park. Will not attend the camp
A parent would like to come camping too _____________________________ @ $45

Contact information during the weekend if not your home address as filled out on the registration form:

I am able to drive Friday to camp Sunday Home
I have room in my car for __________________ (including driver and your own cub)

I have attached $45

Questions: Call Akela (Ken): 613-225-1400 or 613-738-1338 x 7296