We have planned a Fall Camp at Fitzroy Provincial Park for the weekend of Sept 26 - Sept 28, 2008.

We will also have a Winter Camp and Spring Camp later in
the year.

This year we will be working on the Black Star
The Natural World
The Purple Star
Canada and the World

Some of these activities include the

Gardener Badge
Naturalist Badge
Recycling Badge
Astronomy Badge
Space Exploration Badge among many others.

(All the related badges are detailed in The Cub Book.)

Also planned for the afternoon of Saturday, Oct 10, 2008 is an outing at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. The Fletcher Wildlife Garden is located a short distance from Dow's Lake. This outing will give us the chance to work on our nature related badges.

Cub Kars, always a hit with the Cubs, is planned for later in the year.

Your involvement as a parent volunteer for this Cub year would be gratefully appreciated. Parent volunteers will be needed for camping trips too. Please let us know if you can help.

This year's Cub Leaders are truly looking forward to a terrific year involving your child in this year's Cub program.


115th Parkwood Hills Cubs
(613) 738 – 1338 ext 7296
(613) 225 – 1400

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115th Parkwood Hills Cubs 2008 - 2009 Cub Year Plans