Registration Process for the 115TH Ottawa (Parkwood Hills) Scouts  

NOTE:  115th Ottawa - Registration is Online Only 



         2019  -  2020   REGISTRATION


      Take advantage of savings by registering early.



There are 3 Registration Periods each year.  To make it easier to plan for the Fall start-up, Spring Registration is encouraged by a reduction in the Regular Season Registration Fee.  Youth who register during spring registration, May 1st – June 30th, 2019, will receive a spring registration discount of $30.  Also, there is a reduction in Part-Year Registration fees each year.  It should be noted that insurance coverage in each case, goes to the end of the entire Scouting Year - August 31st, each year.

There is a two-week advanced registration period for returning members. From May 1 through May 14, 2019, parents will only be able to renew their children in the same Group in so that returning youth can be guaranteed their place in the Group. Registering new participants or returning participants in a new Group will be available on May 15th. After June 30th, the reduction in the 2019-20 Scouts Canada membership fee will end.

Please note that when a new member is registered for the upcoming Scouting Year, that member will be able to start their Scouting adventure immediately.  New members can participate from June through August of the current Scouting year, under a complimentary membership, in those Sections with a summer program. Even if a youth’s Section is not very active during the summer months, membership provides access to summer camps and opportunities to participate in summer activities with other Scouting Groups.

New this year, Scouts Canada will be changing its refund policy to provide consistency, year round. In line with other youth organizations, parents can be provided with a 100% refund within 30 days of the registration date upon request. No refund will be issued if requested after 30 days after the registration date. Please refer to Scouts Canada’s refund policy for more information.

The Group does not collect weekly dues, but a modest activity fee is added to the Scouts Canada fee to fund Group activities.  It is included in the Fees structure below. 

                SPRING REGISTRATION:           May 1, 2019        -    June 30, 2019              = $240
                REGULAR REGISTRATION:       July 1, 2019        -    December 31, 2019     = $275

                 PART-YEAR REGISTRATION:   January 1, 2020  -    August 31, 2020          = $200 


After Registration:

There is a $10 fee rebate for each additional youth in the same family 


There is a 50 percent fee rebate for one child of a registered volunteer

Subsidy Information:     Click   NO ONE LEFT BEHIND

Where spaces are limited, preference will be given to children of leaders, returning members and siblings, as well as children of former members.


·       Credit card or Interac transfer are the approved forms of payment to Scouts Canada. 

·       There is a $10 Group Activity fee rebate from the 115th Group for each additional youth in the same family.  This may be applied against a program activity during the year. 

·       There is a 50% fee refund from the 115th Group for one child of a leader. 

·       Where a financial need exists, a registration subsidy may be requested from Scouts Canada.  Applications for subsidy, under Scouts Canada’s No One Left Behind program, need to be in as early as possible since it takes some time for approval.  Parents should begin the NOLB process prior to registering online.  Online registration cannot proceed until the subsidy is approved. 

·        Parents should register their children at 

·       The Scouting program offers tremendous value.  You may find it interesting to take a look at an article on the costs of delivering a quality program - ‘The Value of Scouting’. 



·       Please note that spaces may be limited in some Sections so early registration is strongly recommended. 

·       Where spaces are limited, preference will be given to returning members and their siblings and children of leaders and former members. 

·       If new members of the “preference” group, such as siblings, plan to join our group in 2019/2020, parents must contact us as soon as possible. 

·       Registration will be opened up to new members on May 15, 2019. 

·       If a Section is full at the time you are attempting to register your child, your youth may be put on a waiting list, if requested.  Such requests to join a Section will be prioritized by date.  


·       If you or your child have ever registered or taken training with Scouts Canada, a parent's profile was created in MyScouts when you enrolled your child(ren). 

·       You need to promptly ensure that the information that is already in the system is accessible and correct. 

·       Following these instructions will also make renewal an easy process. 

·       You must be logged into MyScouts to register online.   

·       It is important that you DO NOT create a new account on, since this will create a duplicate login that is not tied to your current Scouting records. 

·       At this stage, you need to know and use the email address that you used to register your child.

Note:-- To locate your MyScouts account- Go to 

To renew your child for the upcoming Scouting year, go to the "My Family" tab in "My Profile" and select the renew icon that will be displayed for any child who has an active participant role for the current Scouting year.  The renew icon may not display if the parent has no Date of Birth populated on their profile.   


If your child does not show up under the My Family tab, please contact the Help Centre.  The Help Centre serves all of Canada, so a response may be delayed. You may also send an email with details to:  115thphscouts@gmail.comfor attention, with the subject line My Family Error.

 For children new to Scouting select the ‘Register Member’ option from the left menu in "My Profile". 

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